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An angel in the book of life wrote down your baby's birth and whispered as he closed the book too beautiful for this earth.Pregnancy Loss Australia
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Grief & Loss Library

The program has an extensive list of grief, loss and bereavement books specific to pregnancy and infant loss. The books are able to be borrowed for a 4-6 week period. They are also available at the regular support meetings.

Please email  if you would like to arrange to borrow any of the books.

*PLEASE NOTE these books are also able to be sent throughout Australia with a return time of 4 weeks.

Please feel welcome to make a donation towards the library and postage so we can ensure a wonderful comprehensive library for families across Australia.



A Silent Sorrow-Pregnancy loss guidance and support for you and your family

Always Your Child-Sids and Kids

Angel Marie, The Making of an Angel-Sam Oliver - Donated by the Author

Asleep in Heavens Nursery Tommy Mann – Donated by Author

Beyond Pregnancy Loss

Coping with Grief

Couple Communication after a Baby Dies- Sherokee Isle

Ended Beginnings – Healing Childbearing Losses

Giving Care-Taking Care – Support for helpers

Good Mourning-Help and understanding in time of pregnancy loss-journal writing guide-Donated by Dianne Kilpatrick

Grief- What it is and what we can do about it.

Healing a parent’s Grieving Heart-100 practical ideas after your child dies

Healing Together-For Couples

How to survive The Loss of a Child- Catherine M Sanders

Inner healing after ending a pregnancy - Marilun Gryte

Life After Baby Loss

Loss of a Baby-Death of a Dream

Mother care-Physical care and beyond after a baby dies

Now That the Funeral Is Over-Understanding the effects of grief

Our Baby Our Love Our Loss- helpful information dealing with grief issues

Pregnancy Loss- ZoeTaylor- Surviving miscarriage and stillbirth-Donated by Judy McKenzie

Sids and Infant Death Survival Guide

Single Parent Grief- Sherokee Isle

The Midwife and the Bereaved Parent

Understanding the losses children and young people face, and how to help – Skylight

You Are Not Alone- TLC Shared stories from 40 families


Choices in Arranging a Childs Funeral-Sids and Kids

Sasha’s Legacy- A guide to funerals for Babies


After Miscarriage Medical Facts and Emotional Support for Pregnancy Loss- Donated by Kylie and Andrew Winterfield

All Seasons Pass-Grieving a miscarriage

Coming To Term-Uncovering the truth about miscarriage

Empty- Miscarriage- Kerryn  Pocklington - Donated by the Author

Miscarriage The Facts-

Miscarriage- Why It Happens- a doctor’s guide to the facts

Miscarriage-A Book For Parents

Miscarriage-A Shattered Dream

Miscarriage-Allen& Marks –Women sharing from the heart

Miscarriage-Coping with a different kind of death

Miscarriage-Women’s experiences and Needs

Miscarriage-Your Questions Answered – Donated by Kristy

Our Stories of Miscarriage-Healing with Words- Contributions of 50 people including  men

The Sounds of Silence-Journeys through miscarriage- Irma Gold Author/editor- Donated by author

When Relationships Hurt, Too  by Petra Nicolette den Hartog in collaboration with bereaved parents


A Kiss From an angel-A journey through Grief and the loss of a child- Donated by Stacey

A Mothers Tears- A Story of Stillbirth and Life – Donated by Rosie Gorman

A Piece of My Heart-Living through the grief of miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death

Always A Part Of Me-Surviving childbearing loss, Australian Stories

And One on The Mantle piece – Fiona Mann    Donated by the Author

Empty Arms-Coping with miscarriage, stillbirth and neo natal death

Empty Cradle Broken Heart –Deborah L. Davis- donated by Sheridan ?Wakefield.

Grieving The Child I Never Knew-A devotional companion for comfort in the loss of your baby

Henry-Sids & Kids- A Families Story of NICU

I'll Hold You In Heaven (x2) - by Jack Hayford

Layla’s Story- Vanessa Gorman-Donated by the Author

Layla’s Story-Vanessa Gorman-A True story of sex, love, relationships and loss- Donated by Melissa

Losing Emily-A journey through stillbirth to finding peace and embracing new hope

Our Babies have died- Stories of miscarriage, stillbirth and neo natal death - Donated by Emma Darbin

Pregnancy Loss-Zoe Taylor-surviving miscarriage, stillbirth – Donated by Paula McKay

Silent Birth-When Your Baby Dies

Small Miracles- Australian self help book – Donated by Toni and John Kennison

Still -  Stephanie Paige Cole- Donated by author

Still At Birth-Caroline Sugden – Donated by the author

Still to be Born- Pat Schweibert

The Child Within-Surviving the shattered dream

The Silent Loss-A Mother’s journey from grief to spiritual awakening

This Little While-For parents experiencing the death of an infant

Three Seasons – Jane Hansen – donated by Sheridan Wakefield

Treasured Babies- Sids & Kids

When a Meeting is Also a Farewell-Coping with a stillbirth or neo natal death


A Gift of Time- Amy Kuebelbeck and Deborah L Davis

Diagnosis of Abnormality in an Unborn Baby-The impact, options& afterwards

Difficult Decisions-For families whose unborn has a problem

Precious Lives Painful Choices-A pre-natal decision making guide-Donated by Capers Book Store

Unspeakable Losses-Understanding the experience of pregnancy loss

Unsupported Losses-Covers Ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, blighted ovum

When Your Unborn Baby Has A Problem-How to manage the weeks ahead


A Different Kind Of Mother-surviving the loss of twins

Embracing Laura-Grief & healing following the death of an infant twin

Multiple Birth Bereavement Care – for health providers

Multiple Birth Bereavement Care – for parents

Serenade For A Small Family-Ingrid Laguna

The Diary-A parents story on the loss of one twin


Little Footprints

Yesterday I dreamed of Dreams-Poems, letters, & memorials written by parents for babies they loved


A Bunch of Balloons-to help grieving children acknowledge what they have lost& what they still have, when someone they love has died

Always and Forever-Children’s book about death

Baby Sam

Beginnings & Endings With Lifetimes In-between-A book about life and death for children

Happy Birthday Ruby-Kathryn Dalla Fontana-Donated by author

I Wish I could Hold Your Hand-A Child’s Guide to grief & loss

Memories Live Forever-For children to create lasting Memories

Molly’s Memory Jar-Norma Spaulding-helping children cope with death and create memories-Donated by Frontier Publishing

Not Just A Fish-Children’s book about loss

Our Baby Died-personal experience of authors children’s thoughts and feelings

Remembering and Going On-Helping children cope with death-Donated by Kelly & John Daunt

Remembering-Book 1-Children’s contributions

Someone Came Before You

Something Happened

Tear Soup-Pat Schweibert-A recipe for healing after a loss

That Twinkling Star Is My Brother-Sids & Kids

Things About Zac My Baby Brother- Sids & Kids

Water Bugs and Dragonflies-Doris Stickney -A children’s book about death

We Had An Angel Instead-A book about the loss of a brother or a sister

What About The Other Kids- Sids & Kids

Wishes For Us, Wishes For You


A Bereaved Father – Steve Younis x 2

A Dad’s Story- Bonnie Babes

A Guide for Fathers- Sherokee Isle

Healing A Father’s Grief

Men Grieve Too Sids & Kids

Miscarriage- A Mans Book

Strong And Tender- A guide for the father whose baby dies


For The Bereaved Grandparents

Grandparent to Grandparent Sids & Kids

Grieving Grandparents-Sherokee Isle


Healing A Friends Grieving Heart-100 practical ideas for helping someone you love through loss

To Family & Friends-Sids & Kids

What Can I Say And Do

What Family And Friends Can Do


Another Baby- Sids & Kids

Miscarriage & The Successful Pregnancy-An authoritive guide to miscarriage treatment and success of your next pregnancy

Miracle Beginnings-premature birth

Pregnancy After Loss Jane Warland - Donated by the Author

Taking Control-How to aim for a successful pregnancy after loss

The Baby Making Bible-Simple steps to enhance fertility

Trying again- A guide to pregnancy after miscarriage or still birth


Is Your Body Baby Friendly

Natural Conception

When  Empty Arms Become A Heavy Burden-encouragement for couples facing infertility


Post Partum Depression & Anxiety-A Self help guide for mothers


Losing Layla- a powerful & moving video diary – Donated by Melissa

Losing Layla- Vanessa  Gorman – Donated by the author

TLC Sunrise – A moving interview with members of TLC management and parents 

"Return To Zero"


 Please contact us if you would like to donate a book to share with other families. 

Library Book Reviews

Here is some reviews of books that are available for loan from the TLC Library. Please contact us if you would like to add a review.

We had an Angel instead

For the bereaved grandparents

The infertility Handbook

Children Die Too

Miscarriage and the successful pregnancy

A Child Remembers

All seasons pass miscarriage

Miscarriage (allen & marks) Women sharing from the heart

Empty cradle broken heart

Always and Forever

Healing a fathers grief 

We had an Angel instead

A delightful book for children which starts out with "we were gonna have a baby, but we had an angel instead". This book uses simple, but sensitive text and illustrations, to explain what happens when a planned-for baby dies. At the end of the story book, there is also a helpful appendix on "how to help your children" for parents.

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For the bereaved grandparents

Addresses the grief that grandparents feel when their children have a child die. Shows how grandparents can help their children while grieving themselves.

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The infertility Handbook

The Infertility Handbook guides you through the whole experience of dealing with infertility from taking the first step of talking to your GP, to what to expect when you see an infertility specialist and what happens if you head down the treatment path. In clear, straightforward language with detailed illustrations and photographs, this book guides you through the complex world of assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilisation. It also deals with the personal and emotional side of things and includes the stories of men and women who, just like you, have faced the challenges of infertility.

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Children Die too

This is one of the first grief books. It is for newly bereaved parents needing general grief information. Includes: Feelings, Your Other Children, Grandparents, Friends, Single Parents and Step-Parents, Taking Care of Yourself, and Searching.

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Miscarriage and the successful pregnancy

One out of every three women age 18-45 has experienced a reproductive loss. Women experiencing miscarriage often receive no explanation for the cause of their miscarriage. The lack of advice regarding the future and what can be done to avoid another miscarriage is too often the case.

Miscarriage and the Successful Pregnancy will provide insights and answers regarding miscarriage. William P. Hummel, M.D., a nationally recognized Fertility Specialist, states "A significant number of miscarriages can be prevented. A thorough fertility evaluation should give all couples options to maximize a full term pregnancy."

Miscarriage and the Successful Pregnancy provides the psychological support of this devastating condition and offers constructive steps to take with your physician. It is the authoritative guide to miscarriage treatment and success of your next pregnancy.

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A child remembers

A Write in memory book for bereaved children ages 8-12. This is a unique tool for children who are greiving the loss of someone they love. There are pages for writing about the person's life and death, a goodbye letter, pages to draw the service and more. Keeps memories safely preserved.

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All seasons pass miscarriage

"All Seasons Pass is a spiritual story about miscarriage-mine. I tell it in the form of a parable in which an old woman comforts a younger woman who thinks that if she just tries hard enough, and does everything perfectly, she will be in control of her life-specifically her precarious pregnancy. Through the loss of the pregnancy and the events that follow, the young woman learns not only about the ragged edges of grief, but the many sources of grace amidst that grief. "May you find this story-my story-to be a gift of hope and healing." --Martha Manning

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Miscarriage (allen & marks) Women sharing from the heart

Compassion and support from 100 women "Women who miscarry must not and need not be left in emotional isolation. I am pleased that this timely and sensitive reflection on miscarriage is now available to grieving women and to those who are involved in their lives." -from the Foreword by Richard F. Jones III, MD, FACOG President, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Based on the authors' own experiences as well as the shared experiences of women from across the country, Miscarriage: Women Sharing From the Heart is more than a helpful resource. This candid and poignant book helps you understand and work through your deepest feelings and concerns and, most importantly, reassures you that you aren't alone.

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Empty cradle broken heart

The heartache of miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death affects thousands of U.S. families every year. Empty Cradle, Broken Heart offers reassurance to parents who struggle with anger, guilt, and despair after such tragedy. Deborah Davis encourages grieving and makes suggestions for coping. The book includes information on issues such as the death of one or more babies from a multiple birth, pregnancy interruption, and the questioning of aggressive medical intervention. There is also a special chapter for fathers as well as a chapter on "protective parenting" to help anxious parents enjoy their precious living children. Doctors, nurses, relatives, friends, and other support persons can gain special insight. Most importantly, parents facing the death of a baby will find necessary support in this gentle guide. This little while For parents experiencing the death of a very small infant. Encourages parents to see, hold. name and photograph their baby. We share the importance of grief, and saying goodbye. Includes: relationships, other children, single parenting and funeral planning.

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Always and Forever

Children's book about death British storyteller Durant tells a gentle tale about animal friends who cope with the death of a loved one. Otter, Mole, Fox, and Hare live happily together in a snug tree home, but in the autumn, Fox grows ill and dies, and his friends find his body in the woods, "still and cold, covered in leaves." After burying Fox, his friends grieve through the winter, until their friend Squirrel visits in spring and encourages them to share funny, fond memories. By laughing, they find ways to move past their grief and hold Fox "in their hearts and their memories." Durant's spare sentences have an appealing, poetic rhythm that reinforces the story's tender, reassuring tone. Gliori's charming, richly colored illustrations don't shy away from the reality of death (Fox's body is shown curled up under a tree), but the detailed scenes of the affectionate friends and their cozy home and garden will comfort children.

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Healing a fathers grief

This pocket sized book is for men who experience the death of their infant child -- whether it be miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death. Meant to be a guide during the early hours and days after finding out the news of their baby's death, the book offers suggestions for communicating with medical caregivers, offering support to their partner, telling the news to other children, making funeral arrangements and taking care of themselves in a time of crisis. It goes on to talk about effective communications during the weeks and months following the loss, going to a support group, returning to the workplace, and the issues surrounding a subsequent pregnancy

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