Subsequent Pregnancy

After the loss of a baby many have told how their initial instinct is to want to fall pregnant again. Although this may not be advised medically or from family/ friends the choice is ultimately yours. Some may not be able to conceive again and may feel they need extra support in their time ahead, please do contact us.

A new pregnancy can be a stressful time for anyone but after losing a baby you always have that extra feeling of what if it happens again. Many explain it that you are robbed of your innocence. In most cases women will go on to have successful pregnancies, however for some a second or subsequent loss can leave you with a feeling of disbelief.

Please know you are always entitled to the very best of extra care. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for more regular check up’s, ultrasounds or tests. You may very well need much reassurance throughout this pregnancy. If these things make you feel just a little more relaxed then it is well worth it.

Common Reactions to a new pregnancy

  • Mixed emotions- being excited but so very scared at the same time
  • Feeling happy- creating a life is┬ávery special. It is ok to feel happy!
  • Being very fearful – that something will go wrong with this pregnancy
  • Feeling anxious- of what the outcome will be or waiting on test results
  • Feeling frustrated- often explaining to people your previous experience/s can be very hard
  • Having difficulty in having faith /┬átrust that things will be ok – even if this pregnancy does not have the same diagnosis of your previous pregnancy and loss
  • A feeling of being overwhelmed. There are so many things to consider with a new pregnancy
  • Feeling impatient- You just want to have your baby now, waiting 10 months seems like an eternity
  • Guilt- for those that may be around you that continue to have problems conceiving.
  • An amazing feeling of being in tune with your new baby and not taking life for granted
  • Possibly still being fearful even once your baby is born safe and alive

Through out your time of being pregnant remember that you might have good days and bad, there will be days where you are happy to go out and buy baby things and other days where you just can’t face it. Know that this is ok. It is important you seek support if you need it from your partner, family and friends.

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